Effects of Sonication on Conductivity and pH Value of Water

Conductivity and pH value of water can be efficiently influenced by treating water with high-intensity, low-frequency ultrasound. Sonication of water results in increased conductivity and pH values in water.

Influence of Power Ultrasound on Electric Conductivity

Tests were performed using the ultrasonic probe-type device UP400St in order to investigate the influence of ultrasonication on the conductivity of distilled water. Two (passive, non-sonicating) electrodes were inserted into the wide sonication vessel, the ultrasonic probe was mounted between the electrodes. As the chart below shows, the conductivity increases, as well as the pH value.

How to Take Advantage of Ultrasonic Changes in Electric Conductivity

The increase of electric conductivity has several advantages when it comes to elecrolysis and electrochemical applications. Reducing the resistance in electrolysis applications allows to cut back on the addition of salts, acids or bases, which are commonly used to modify the conductivity and resistance of liquids such as water in electrolyzers.

Ultrasonication increases the conductivity and pH value of water

Ultrasonication of water shows effects on conductivity and pH value

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Probe-type ultrasonicator treating water results in changes of conductivity and pH value of water.

Ultrasonication of water results in increased conductivity and increased pH value of water.

The chart shows the increased electric conductivity of distilled water under sonication

Electric conductivity of distilled water is increased under sonication.

Probe-Type Ultrasonicators for High-Performance Application

Hielscher Ultrasonics offers a wide portfolio of high-performance probe-type ultrasonicators for liquid applications, e.g. influencing electric conductivity and pH value of fluids. Fulfilling easily common industrial standards, Hielscher ultrasonic equipment can be operated 24/7 under full load and demanding conditions.
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Volumen loteGastoDispositivos recomendados
U 1 u 500 mlU 10 ti' 200 ml leti' minUP100H
U 10 ti' 2000 mlTi' 20 u 400 ml leti' minUP200Ht, UP400St
0. 1 u 20L0. 2 u 4L leti' minUIP2000hdT
U 10 u 100LU 2 u 10 l leti' minUIP4000hdT
n.d.U 10 ti' 100 L leti' minUIP16000
n.d.MayorRacimo u UIP16000

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Probe-type ultrasonicator UP400St sonicating water: Ultrasonication increases the electric conductivity of water

Sonicating water with the probe-type ultrasonicator UP400St: Sonication increases the electric conductivity of water

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