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Ultrasonic Devices for Liquid Processing

Ultrasonic devices made by Hielscher are used for lab samples, pilot scale processing or full scale production. This includes ultrasonic devices for the ultrasonication of any liquid volume, from several microliters through hundreds of cubicmeters per hour.

In the lab and in large scale processing - Hielscher offers the suitable ultrasonic device.The requirement to treat liquids with ultrasonic cavitation comes in many sizes: Tissue samples in small vials, canned paint samples, reactor batches or continuous material flow. Hielscher offers ultrasonic devices for any liquid volume. For example, the UP100H is a compact handheld ultrasonic device for up to 500mL. The UP400S is a strong laboratory homogenizer for up to 2000mL. The UIP1000hd is a powerful ultrasonic unit for application development and small scale production. For larger systems, Hielscher offers 4kW, 10kW, and 16kW devices. The table below lists all standard laboratory and industrial ultrasonic devices.

Laboratory Ultrasonic Devices

VialTweeter at UIS250v250W24kHzultrasonication of small vials, e.g. Eppendorf 1.5mL
UP50H50W30kHzhandheld or standmounted lab homogenizer
UP100H100W30kHzhandheld or standmounted lab homogenizer
UP200Ht200W26kHzhandheld or standmounted lab homogenizer
UP200S200W24kHzstandmounted lab homogenizer
UP400S400W24kHzstandmounted lab homogenizer
SonoStep100W30kHzlab reactor combining, ultrasonication, pump, stirrer and vessel
UTR200200W24kHzcup-horn, sonoreactor
UIP250MTP250W24kHzmicrotiter plate sonication
UIS250L250W24kHzlaboratory sieving system
Dmini250W24kHzcontamination-free flow cell

Industrial Ultrasonic Devices

UIP500hd0.5kW20kHzindustrial ultrasonic processor
UIP1000hd1.0kW20kHzindustrial ultrasonic processor
UIP1500hd1.5kW20kHzindustrial ultrasonic processor
UIP2000hd 2.0kW20kHzindustrial ultrasonic processor
UIP40004.0kW20kHzindustrial ultrasonic processor
UIP1000010.0kW18kHzindustrial ultrasonic processor
UIP1600016.0kW18kHzindustrial ultrasonic processor

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