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Hielscher Ultrasonics manufactures high-performance ultrasonic processors for the efficient inline cleaning of wires, rods, cables, tapes, tubes and other endless materials. Ultrasonic cavitation removes lubricants, soaps, stearates, grease, dust and other dirt effectively from endless materials. By applying powerful ultrasonic waves, Hielscher’s ultrasonic wire cleaning systems can be operated using water only or in combination with mild cleaning agents. Ultrasonic wire cleaning is not only highly efficient, but environmental-friendly, too. Hielscher’s portfolio of various wire cleaning systems with different throughput speeds and footprints offers the ideal cleaning setup for your wire processing line.

Ultrasonic wire cleaning in a continuous inline process

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The desktop ultrasonic homogenizer UIP1000hdT is a food processor used for emulsification and stabilization of liquid eggs and the creamy beverage eggnog.

Ultrasonics: Applications and Processes

Ultrasonication is a mechanical processing method which creates acoustic cavitation and highly intense physical forces. Therefore, ultrasonics is used for numerous applications such as mixing, homogenization, milling, dispersion, emulsification, extraction, degassing, and sono-chemical reactions. Below, you will learn all about…

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