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Highly Efficient Ultrasonic Cannabidiol (CBD) Extraction from Cannabis

…  ultrasonic extractors are the state-of-art technique when it comes to the reliable and efficient extraction of hemp and CBD oils.
Ultrasonication is well-known as a highly potent extraction technique to …  methods such as supercritical CO2 extraction, the ultrasonic technique exceeds in efficiency, simple operation and versatile …


Ultrasonic Formulation of Reinforced Composites

…  with highly dispersed CNTs, graphene etc.
Ultrasonic equipment for the formulation of reinforced composites is available …  and resistance to corrosion and damages.
Examples for ultrasonically formulated nanocomposites:

carbon nanotubes (CNT) in a …  in a poly-lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) matrix

Ultrasonic Dispersion
Ultrasonic process parameters can be exactly controlled …


Ultrasonic Preparation of Bitters

…  used to flavour cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.
Ultrasonic extraction and infusion helps to create an intense flavour profile …  infusion of bitters is a time-consuming process, ultrasonic infusion is rapid and produces superior flavours.

Bitters …  as cocktail seasoning, adding them in drops or dashes.
Ultrasonic extraction increases the release of bittering agents and their …


Ultrasonic Production of Conductive Inks on Large Scale

…  crucial for production highly conductive inks.
Powerful ultrasonic dispersers allow to synthesize, deagglomerate and distribute …  with excellent electrical conductivity.
Hielscher’s ultrasonic dispersers ensure high quality dispersions, while being very effective, reliable, and cost-efficient.

Ultrasonic Dispersion of Conductive Nanoparticles
Conductive ink has – as its …


Ultrasonic Disintegration of Animal Manures before Anaerobic Digestion

Ultrasonic disintegration increases methane (CH4) yield, decreases solid retention …  to the solubilization of the particulate matter. Hielscher ultrasonic reactors for the pretreatment of animal manures lead to more methane …  liquid manure, feedlot runoff and manure effluent.

Ultrasonic Disintegration
Ultrasonic cavitation disintegrates organic solids …


Solvent-free Decaffeination with Power-Ultrasound

…  of coffee and tea requires the use of toxic solvents.
Ultrasonic decaffeination is an effective alternative that allows to remove …  extraction without the use of harsh solvents.
Ultrasonic decaffeination is an economical, effective and green methods to …  coffee, tea and cocoa products.

Decaffeination with Ultrasonication
Caffeine is a water-soluble substance, so that water can be …


Sonication in Multi-Neck Flasks

…  supplies standardized ground joint adapters to insert the ultrasonic sonotrode into reaction vessels such as round-bottom flasks, …  reaction apparatus it is often necessary to couple ultrasound into a glass reactor. Sonication intensifies and speeds-up …  yield, better quality and reduced processing time.
For an ultrasonic extraction setup, e.g. Soxhlet or Clevenger, the ultrasonic …


UIPEVO – Ultrasonic Olive Oil Extractor for Higher Yields

…  UIPEVO is an ultrasonic extraction system to increase malaxation and extraction yield for …  UIPEVO treats the olive paste mild and non-thermally with ultrasound resulting in higher yield and quality.
Due to the gentle …  of the extra virgin olive oil are fully preserved.

Ultrasonic Malaxation
Ultrasonic extraction is well known to increase yield, …


Ultrasonically Cold Brewed Tea

…  ultrasound is a proven method for intense extraction of flavors, polyphenols …  as a smoother flavor.
As a non-thermal extraction method, ultrasound intensifies the extraction / infusion without degradation of the …  brewed – without long processing time.

Benefits from Ultrasonic Cold Brew Tea
Tea is an aromatic beverage, commonly prepared by …


PT100 Thermo Couples for Ultrasonic Homogenizers

…  temperature is an important factor for ultrasonic processes. For temperature monitoring, controlling and recording, …  sensors (PT100 and PT100-0G5) for use with all its ultrasonic devices with Touch control. Please see the compatibility chart for …  the temperature sensors (thermo couples) to the Hielscher ultrasonic processor simplifies the record-keeping during bench-top testing or …


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