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Adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) are mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that are obtained from human adipose tissue. The stem cells in the eviscerated adipose tissue (the so-called stromal vascular fraction (SVF)) must be isolated to use them subsequently for medical or cosmetic treatments. Ultrasonication is a highly effective and reliable treatment to isolate stem cells from adipose tissue. The advantage of ultrasonic stem cell isolation lies in the fact that the ultrasonic treatment is based on the working principle of ultrasonic-derived cavitation, which is mechanical shear. Not chemical or enzymatic additives are required. The ultrasonic stem cell isolation allows for a repeatable protocol, high stem cell yield as well as superior stem cell quality. Hielscher Ultrasonics offers various ultrasonic systems for the direct and indirect sonication of SVF and the release of highly functional stem cells.

GDmini2 at UP200St-TD Transducer (200 watts) for contamination-free sonication

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Dmini schematic

Ultrasonic Mini Flow Cell

Usually intensive ultrasound is transmitted into small volumes via a titanium sonotrode immersed into the liquid. This method is very efficient but has the side effect that there is also cavitation at the sonotrode, which results in a small contamination…

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