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Ultrasonication is a non-thermal processing methods for honey. Ultrasonic honey processing is successfully used to inactivate microbes, to reduce particles, to break existing crystals and to inhibit further crystallization in honey. Since sonication is a mild, non-thermal treatment, the formation of undesirable components like 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF), which occurs when honey is thermally treated, is prevented. Hielscher Ultrasonics supplies various high-performance ultrasound systems and flow cells for the production of high-quality honey.

Ultrasonic processor UIP4000hdT for olive oil extraction

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Ultrasonic honey processing reactor for liquefaction and decrystallization of high-quality honey.

Ultrasonic Honey Processing

Honey enjoys great demand as food and medicine. Ultrasonic processing is an effective means to destroy undesirable components, such as crystals and microbial cells in honey. As a non-thermal processing technology, ultrasonic honey decrystallization prevents undesired increase in HFM as…
Ultrasonic inline homogenizer for juice, dairy and liquid egg pasteurization

Ultrasound In The Food Industry

The application of power ultrasound is used for numerous application in food processing, including extraction, homogenization, pasteurization and fermentation. As a non-thermal treatment, ultrasonication improves food production processes by higher yields, higher quality, improved nutrient and flavour profiles as well…
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