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Sonication applies intense shear forces and stress to the medium and releases thereby high extract yields in a very short extraction time. This means that the extraction process of active substances such as cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant can be substantially increased.

UP400St - powerful ultrasonic extractor. (Click to enlarge!)UP400St - powerful ultrasonic extractor. (Click to enlarge!)

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2kW batch sonication setup for the extraction of herbal extracts

Cannabis Extraction Equipment – The Advantage of Sonication

Extraction of bioactive compounds such as THC and CBD from cannabis can be performed with different techniques. Ultrasonic extraction equipment has many benefits which makes it the superior extraction method. Due to its high yields, high quality extracts, rapid process, low investment and operational costs, safe and user-friendly operation, ultrasonic extraction is the preferred method for extraction processes in small and industrial production. Ultrasonic Cannabis Extraction Extraction by ultrasound is based on the principle of acoustic cavitation. The application…


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